Allergies | Alternative Treatment

While there is still no cure for allergies (or hay fever), there are ways to diminish allergy symptoms. There are three types of treatments that can be used in combination:

  • AVOIDANCE of the allergen,
  • MEDICATION (antihistamines)
  • IMMUNOTHERAPY (allergy shots or sublingual drops).

Avoidence of the alleged can be achieved by removing the alleged from your environment or revolving yourself from the allergenic environment.

You can try to remove the allergen by vigilantly removing the allergen through cleaning/filtering.  Frequent vacuuming with high quality vacuums with Hepa filters, running air filters in rooms, frequent changing of high quality filters with your house A/C and heating systems, and not opening windows during high winds, high pollen days, and days with low air quality. devices in your home, such as an air cleaner and air conditioner.  The high incidence of cat allergies among humans means that having cats as pets is not only probably bad for your health, but is a socially responsible choice, as even if you are not allergic to cats, chances are that many or most of your friends and family are allergic to cats to some degree.

Medication is usually an antihistamine, a steroid, or some combination do the two.

Immunotherapy (allergy shots or sublingual drops) is a series of shots or drops that can expose you to small quantities of allergens to slowly desensitize your immune system so that it doesn’t overreact when exposed to larger quantities of the allergen.

These three treatment options can be used individually or in combination. There are many over the counter medications that do not require a prescription, as well as herbal and home remedies. Our office can provide all these options except allergy allergy immunotherapy shots.  We do provide immunotherapy drops for under the tongue, which involves using the same medication that allergists use in the shot form.