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Dr. Barnett continues to provide spinal manipulation under his naturopathic license.  Naturopathic medicine allows for the use of conventional medicine including prescription medicines, but also includes all forms of natural medicine, including spinal manipulation similar or the same as those practiced by chiropractors.

Naturopathic doctors are not requred to complete a residency by most states for two reasons.  The first is that they are trained with the goal of having them ready to practice as general practitioners by the end of their four years of naturopathic medical school.  There is no longer any attempt to have allopathic and osteopathic doctors ready to practice by the end of their medical training because general medical practice has all but gone extinct.  There are several reasons for this.  The first is that they are expected to attend a residency and specialize.  Managed care requirements, hospital privilege requirements, and the conversion of family practice to a board certified specialty has made completing a residency a de facto requirement.

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However, unless you are a foreign medical school school graduate, most states still only require one year of post-graduate training to get their medical license, and then they may practice general medicine.  As explained, this is impractical in recent years if you want to  participate managed care or have hospital privileges.  Naturopathic doctors have been politically blocked from from hospital privileges and residencies.  The allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) professions fight against naturopathic license and scope of practice legislation on the grounds that they do not require residency training while at the same time blocking naturopaths from residencies which are paid for with our tax dollars.  Isn’t it a form of professional monopolization that a private profession can block a U.S. trained naturopathic doctor from getting into a US residency?  Even foriegn-trained medical doctors get their residency training paid for using US tax dollars. One problem is that Naturopaths are not listed in the social security act as physicians, and therefore cannot be reimbursed by Medicare.  Lack of recognition by Medicare means that other public and private insurers will also not cover care provided by a naturopathic doctor.  History of the AMA proves that they intend to contain and eliminate all other professions which threaten their dominance in the healthcare marketplace.

Despite having access to only a few privately funded residency programs, naturopaths still find ways to specialize.  They often apprentice with experts or self-pay for expensive continuing education classes and other training programs.  They have a tendency to specialize in areas neglected by conventional medicine, as well as areas not covered by insurance, partly out of a need to survive in business, but mostly because these are the areas which often fit their philosophy and training.

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