Rheumatology & Endocrinology Clinic Emphasizing Hashimoto / Hypothyroid

We have fully transitioned to a low-fee-no-insurance-processed clinic so that we can provide better service at a lower cost for those with high deductibles or no insurance.  You should save a lot of money using us — even when considering insurance discounts.  Except for Medicare and Medicaid, you are almost certainly going to pay more by going to an in-network doctor.  We are priced substantially below healthcarebluebook.com rates which publishes the most typical rates that doctors accept for in-network services.  Example: Typical 99213 rate for 30min new patient visit is $206 compared to our $89.  Typical 99213 rate for a 15min established patient office visit $139 compared to our $45.  We can do this by keeping our overhead low (not taking insurance, small office, small staff, not advertising), focusing on chronic conditions, and keeping things simple.

Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. (except closed Wednesday afternoon)

Call  14807827522 or email at frontdesk.barnettclinical@gmail.com

** Sorry, but we are NOT staffed or equipped to be a walk-in clinic. We cannot handle urgent health issues or emergencies. Please seek an urgent care or emergency room for these.**

Please call ahead or email to arrange medication refills at least 48 hours in advance. We recognize our limitation as a small clinic, and strive to do our best at what we can do for our patients in these challenging times for private practices / solo practitioners).

Most early Saturday afternoons are available for special appointments – must call or email to schedule these if available.

Please print, fill out, and bring the new patient form below, along with recent labs and imaging reports to your first appointment from our forms section.