Sciatica | Sciatic Nerve Pain

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sciatica | spinal decompression

Sciatic pain is usually caused by a pinched nerve in the back or pelvis.  A combination of acupuncture and spinal decompression traction, or traction alone, have worked for us to significantly improve symptoms in approximately 4/5 patients, and has improved about 85% improvement in about 3/5 patients.  These percentages usually require ten to twenty treatments to achieve. The cost for traction alone so only $20 per session, but the challenge for most people is timing.  The best results are achieved when increasing the density of treatments (trying to get daily treatments without many breaks in treatment).  Unless you experiencing difficulty with bowel/bladder or have extreme pain/weakness, then we recommend trying acupuncture/decompression or decompression alone before aggressive injections or surgery.

I will generally avoid doing spinal manipulation for sciatica. If I treat mild sciatica with manipulation, I will be careful not to put rotational force into the spine while performing the adjustment.  A strong rotational force (usually combined with extension) is often associated with disc injury, so it is possible to exacerbate a ruptured disc with spinal manipulation.  This occurs very rarely if great care is taken to avoid excessive rotation and extension.  Therefore some combination of traction and acupuncture are my usual approach to sciatica.  Adjustment of the sacroiliac joint is often performed without complication as it is often a complicating factor.