Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Disease

Having trouble finding the best endocrinologist to manage your hypothyroid or Hashimoto hypothyroid problem in Chandler AZ?  Consider the Barnett Clinical Hypothyroid Clinic — naturopathic endocrinologist / integrative rheumatologist (blend of natural and conventional medicine) with emphasis on thyroid disorders and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.  Although I am willing to take new patients for treatment of male and female hormone imbalances, my endocrinology emphasis is in treating the thyroid and related endocrine disorders.  As a specialist in chronic diseases where a complete cure is not to be expected according to today’s medical science, the goal is to provide the best management possible in order to minimize both disease progression (as in thyroid damage in Hashimoto or joint erosion in arthritis) and maximize functionality (as in energy level and mental function in hypothyroid, or joint mobility, energy level, and pain).  For example, Hashimoto, as an autoimmune disease, is not technically considered curable.  The first priority is to protect the immune system from attacking the thyroid gland mainly by TSH suppression using thyroid replacement hormone.  Often this does not result in a complete amelioration of hypothyroid symptoms.  In this case I will usually add T3 (liothyronine / Cytomel) to T4 (levothyroxine / Synthroid etc), or for cost or convenience, I often use desiccated thyroid such as Armour or Nature-Throid, which are prescription alternatives to T4 and T3 as separate prescriptions.  These desiccated porcine medications contain 80% T4 and 20% T3 conveniently in one tablet, along with other thyroid hormones, including calcitonin, which may potentially be helpful against developing osteoporosis, a risk factor known to be associated with suppression of TSH.

Chandler Thyroid Clinic focuses on a naturopathic integrative approach to thyroid disease managment, with a strong preference for using bio-identical hormones such as NatureThroid, Armour, or compounded T4  T3 combinations.  An endocrinologist may be inclined to focus attention on hypothyroidism within the constrains of regular medical “standard practice”.  As a naturopathic doctor, Dr Barnett is able to have a more holistic view of hypothyroidism and thyroid disease, leading to a personalized integrative medicine treatment plan suitable to your unique hypothyroid needs.

Naturopathic medicine in Arizona is a broad scope healthcare profession, which allows doctor Barnett to utilize many clinical tools, including herbal, clinical nutrition, and prescription drugs for treating problems commonly presented to endocrinologists.   His thorough and eclectic approach him to utilize less invasive methods when possible.

Dr. Barnett will treat hyperthyroid conditions which are not acute/severe, but please take note that he WILL require that you comply with a treatment plan that will almost certainly require the use of methimazole, along with any need for ophthamologist evaluation, EKG if required, imaging, office exams, and lab testing.  Hyperthyroidism requires vigilant care to protect the patient from harm.  He strongly prefers patients to seek instead the services of an allopathic (M.D.) or osteopathic (D.O.) endocrinologist for acute/severe hyperthyroidism (AKA: thyroid storm).  Dr. Barnett will not treat thyroid cancer, but will accept patients who have completed their therapy for at least one year and have been declared ‘cancer free’.

Dr. Barnett refers to SimonMed,EVDI and Ultrasound Institute Medical Group for ultrasound evaluation.  We have deeply discounted in-house lab service, or we can send you to Labcorp or Sonora Quest if you need to use your insurance.